Friday, February 17, 2012

"I Can't Believe I'm Here!" Experiences

We have had so many new experiences here that I stop sometimes and marvel at what I'm doing! Let me tell you about some of them.

Tuesday was Valentine's Day and we were all invited to a party at the nursing school. It was a beauty pageant at the student commons and they had lots of music and dancing in between. I brought a bag full of Mary Kay stuff that I was going to give away and Abby suggested that I take some of it as a gift to the winner. I took a little gold bag that had some makeup in it and we went over. We didn't see the girls who invited us so we stood in the back for awhile and watched. A few young men offered us there chairs and we said no, but would they make sure that our gift was given to the winner. A few minuted later the girls who invited us saw us and took us to where they were sitting. They gave up their seats and shared one so we could sit with them. The student union president came over to thank us for the gift and took us to the front left to sit at the high table! A few minutes later, the announcer said that they had 2 white people with them and said our names. This was all very surreal. We were the only 2 white people among about 200+ students! They were playing both American and Nigerian music very loudly and dancing. We felt very old and frumpy! The contestants came out at different times and were asked medical questions. We were getting so tired but sitting at the front, we didn't feel we could leave gracefully. Near then end, they took a cake up to the front and did some kind of game or something that we couldn't understand. Then they had a few people go up and called us to the front! We had NO idea what was going to happen or what they wanted us to do! It ended up that they were doing a ceremony that they do at many gatherings. They have the honored guests some up and everyone puts their hand on the knife and take a picture with all of them cutting the cake. We felt very humbled to be included as their honored guests. The winner was announced shortly after and her friends all rushed her and she ended up on the ground under a pile of people! After several pictures, the winner was given a prize from the student union and then the announcer said, "This has never happened before. We have been honored with a gift from the white lady, Mrs. Kim." Everyone applauded! This was a small, inexpensive makeup set but they treated it like I had given them a great honor. As a matter of fact, makeup is quite a rarity here so the girl who won is probably quite envied. She came up to me at chapel the next day to thank me.

There is an orphanage near here and the older kids came over to play volleyball and basketball yesterday. We usually work until 5:00 but we got off a half hour early and went down to play. I don't know how we got the energy to do it but we had a lot of fun with them! They have been around more white people and also watch American movies so they tend to understand us better.

That is the pastor of 1st ECWA on the right. 
He came to play because he played in college.  He was quite good!

I got to "back a baby" yesterday! One of the things I really wanted to try while I was here was carrying a baby on my back. There was a young mother visiting the security guard (her brother) so we went over and asked if she would show us. She took her 2 year old off her back and showed us how to put the wrap around to hold him in and then she helped each of the 3 of us to do it. It's really quite comfortable! Did you know they potty train their baby's at 6 months here?? They run water over them in a certain way to make them go and do it on a schedule, much like you would with a puppy. Eventually, they know when they need to go and just unwrap them and hold them out so they can pee. Makes me think we waste an awful lot of diapers in America!

Well, I need to walk down the hill so I can get on the wifi and post this. Please pray for all of us as we deal with the heat. Some of the guys have been getting heat rash and my feet and have been swollen and painful. I've been sleeping with 2 sofa cushions under my legs to keep them elevated. It's also more tiring to work in the heat but we're getting lots accomplished. We've been working on a prepping/ painting built-in wardrobes and windows, smoothing a bathroom wall (harder than you think without the right materials) and building kitchen cabinets. John is on that project. He's amazed that he's building them out of mahogany! They even use it for shims! He's never built cabinets before but he's picked up a new skill and he's doing a great job!

Good night everyone!

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  1. I've so enjoyed your blog Kim. Praying the Holy Spirit will continue empowering and blessing you and John. love, Melanie